About Iris

Iris McAlpin is a San Francisco based coach, certified trauma professional, and mental health advocate.  She is the founder of Beyond Recovery (formerly Freedom from Food Addiction), and Shameless Sisterhood and works with clients all over the world.  Iris has a degree in Psychology, and 7 years of experience as a transformational coach.  Her passion for mental health, and commitment to eradicating the stigmas associated with mental illness are at the core of everything she does.

Iris first began struggling with depression and body image issues at the age of 9.   She started dieting at age 12, and by the time she was 16, developed a full-blown eating disorder.  Her self destructive behaviors went almost completely unchecked for years, and she kept her struggles mostly to herself.  As she progressed through recovery in her 20’s, she began to see her unwillingness to speak out about her experiences as part of a larger problem.

Thus, in February 2015, Iris launched a mental health awareness campaign on her Instagram account @irismcalpin. There she discusses the daily issues faced by those recovering from eating disorders and other mental health issues, and shares the tools and wisdom she picked up on her road back to herself.  Her intent in sharing her story is to show people that recovery is possible, and spark a global movement toward awareness, acceptance and support for everyone affected by psychological disorders.

Additionally, in 2015 Iris produced an award-winning short film that shines a light on the toxic subculture of Pro-Anorexia called Pro-Ana, and is currently co-writing a novel about addiction and recovery.

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