Pure Curiosity: Jake Heilbrunn on Transforming Anxiety into Passion

Jake Heilbrunn was suffering from crippling anxiety before embarking on a life-changing trip to South America. His experience during his travels connected him to his passion for helping others, and when he returned he began speaking and writing about his journey. Jake is now an extremely accomplished ... read more

How I Cope With Fear & Anxiety

  In this video I explore the reasons why we experience fear even when it’s not logical, and my most trusted tools for coping with fear, anxiety and panic attacks. This video is not intended to replace medical care, treatment, or the advice of your doctor or psychologist/psychiatrist. This is ... read more

Joy is a Teacher

One of the biggest pitfalls in self-development is believing that it has to hurt. At best that causes us to diminish our happy moments, and at worst it causes us to create pain in order to create growth. I have been guilty of both. Life teaches us in so many different ways, so let’s experience all ... read more

All American Vegan

Good ol’ American breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes…except everything on this plate is vegan, and gluten-free!  I do eat some animal products, but I eat a primarily plant-based diet (more because I love animals than for health reasons), and I avoid gluten like the plague.  I found out I ... read more