I tend to approach recovery (and just life in general) as a series of games.  Why? Well there are two main reasons:

1) Games are fun.

2) It takes a lot of the pressure off, seriousness out, and keeps challenges from feeling endless.

Some of my favorite games are the “To-Do List Wipe-Out” game, where I relate to the items on my to-do list like Goombas from Super Mario Brothers, and I knock them out one by one, and the “Self-Care Extravaganza” game where I give myself points for each pro-recovery action I take in a day, and see how many I can rack up!  It may sound super lame, but it sure beats slogging through the day and resisting everything I need to get done, and forgetting to take care of myself.  Try it!

If you’re curious to learn more about the positive effects of gamification, check out Jane McGonigal’s talk on how games fueled her recovery.

Photo from Burning Man 2014.

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