Pure Curiosity: David Burns on Flow, Hustle Addiction and Somatic Awareness

In the first episode of Pure Curiosity, I talk to my friend and spiritual business coach David Burns.  We cover a wide range of topics from workaholism, to flow states, to the importance of body awareness…just to name a few. While we do encounter a few audio issues in this podcast, it’s lack of perfection certainly doesn’t take away from the quality of wisdom David shares.  If you are interested in finding more balance, presence and success in your life and/or business, this one is for you!

About Our Guest:

David Burns helps entrepreneurs and business leaders stop working themselves to death, through the replacement of false belief systems, habit repatterning, and shadow integration. He’s worked with Fortune 50 executives, solopreneurs, startup founders and sales teams, and is currently working on his first book about the next generation of business, titled “The Business Monk.” He’s a passionate meditator and student of intimacy work, a former addict, and a cellist.

Go to TheBusinessMonk.com for more on David.

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