Pure Curiosity: Jamie Thompson on Partnership, Boundaries and Working From Home

When I met Jamie Thompson at a Vipassana retreat, I was really struck by how in command of herself she was. Not from a controlled place, but from a really grounded, mature place. Naturally I asked her about what she did for a living, and she talked very candidly about her life, and her path to becoming a relationship coach. When I started my podcast she was one of the first people I thought to invite on here. In this episode she talks eloquently about boundary setting, accountability, and managing romantic partnerships while building a business or working from home. Whether you are in a romantic partnership, a business partnership (or both), work for yourself, or think you might in the future, this conversation will be relevant for you.

About our Guest:

Jamie Thompson is an Erotic & Intimate Communication Expert, specializing in working with Conscious Entrepreneur & Visionary Couples. She solves problems like “We’re too busy for sex.” “I’m complacent and distracted.” “I don’t know what I desire.” “I don’t know how to tell them what I truly want.” “I worry my partner is not satisfied.” Jamie facilitates the harnessing of desire and erotic intelligence her clients didn’t previously know existed. Successful couples find themselves transformed into ‘Power Couples’ who have that special something everyone in the room notices.

At some point the fire goes out if you don’t feed and fan the flame. This is why Jamie created “Erotic Activation”, an online course for powerful couples who want to take their intimate life from well enough to the exquisite edge. This unique course provides guidance and safe space for couples to explore the desires and nuance of their erotic selves, reigniting the spark of passion and aliveness.

Follow her on Facebook for more ‘Exquisite Eroticism’ :www.facebook.com/missjamieelizabeth or Instagram. Mention this podcast to receive a discount on her ‘Erotic Activation’ course and a free gift.
Website www.relationshipflowstate.com.

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