Shameless Self Discovery: Part I – Understanding Trauma, Shame & Binge Eating

April 18th, 5PM-6:30PM PST

After years of sexual trauma beginning at the age of 7, I experienced two decades of depression, and 13 years of bulimia. YEARS of therapy and countless “insights” hardly made a dent in my condition. It wasn’t until I discovered the tools and information contained in this webinar that I began to see my life transform.

In this 1.5 hour live program, you’ll discover new ways to heal the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional effects of trauma and shame. You know those behaviors you keep doing even though they don’t work for you? Turns out there are completely logical explanations for that that we’ll uncover here. You’ll learn cutting-edge tools from neuroscience, mindfulness and psychology to help you free yourself from these patterns, and you’ll leave this session with deeper levels of self compassion, and self awareness. Prepare to have your world rocked!

Ticket Includes:

70 minute live lecture (approx.)
20 minute live Q&A (approx.)
5 practical exercises you can use ongoingly
Video playback for those who miss the live lecture, or want to review
Webinar will take place via Zoom. Link will be emailed to participants prior to event.

Who This is For:

This webinar is for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of trauma, shame and eating behaviors (either their own or someone else’s). Whether you are someone wanting to break free from shame and live a fuller, happier life, or a coach/therapist wanting to better serve your clients, this is for you!

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